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Products used by Dave Lanzone:


Pre Gibson Tobias 5

MTD Fretless 5

Eden metro, Eden 210Xlt

Eden WT400

Monster Cables



I am a young aspiring bassist. Born in 1986 and raised in Rochester NY as the youngest of four children, my exposure to music started within the family and branched out into school, church life, and various avenues. Exposure started with piano, voice, trumpet, and then expanded to the guitar and finally bass guitar. By age 11, after picking out bass parts on acoustic guitars, I received my first bass.

Over the past few years I have began to study and listen to bassists such as Victor Wooten, Gary Lunn, Keith Horne, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Norm Stockton, and many others. I enjoy listening to their playing and learning all I can from such talented individuals.

In my career, I have worked with many small named groups to help with bass parts or studio work. I have appeared on productions with groups such as Exit 25, New Hope, and soon Pneuma/Chosen 06. I have also had opportunities more recently to play in Giant Center Arena with The Geek Squad, and currently tour with Pneuma. Pneuma is a Christian group that tours throughout the year and summer along the east coast. The music style is anything from worship, gospel to Christian rock cover songs.

Feel free to browse through pictures. Media will be up soon, as well as an updated tour schedule.



Booking Pneuma:



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Donna Headlee



Pneuma 06:


Dan Dullen

Ashley Gillispie

Rebecca Gillott

Benjamin John

Dave Lanzone

Brian Lee

Eric Tran

Beth Windom

Kyle Young